Asbestos Cancer

It has been understood for decades that asbestos is responsible for numerous diseases. Among these include asbestos cancer, this form of cancer is called mesothelioma. The asbestos fibers are so dangerous, because they – like almost any other fiber – split lengthwise and not break into small pieces (longitudinal splitting behavior of asbestos). The thin fibers are therefore also able to pierce the cell walls of the alveoli and the pleura set. The resulting cancer there is called mesothelioma (pleural cancer).

There are three primary diseases caused by asbestosAsbestos Cancer

  • Asbestosis (asbestos dust lung)
  • Mesothelioma (pleural cancer)
  • Cancer (lung cancer)

By inhaling asbestos dust is Gosser quantities of asbestos pneumoconiosis (asbestosis). The irritative effect of the mass in the lung and their heavy soluble fibers present in the body fluids causing this is expressed Zellschädigungen.Medizinisch is a fibrosis (fiber stress) of the lung and pleura (pleurisy). Also, after a long occupational exposure caused lung cancer. The risk is higher by about a factor of 5 than in the general population. Smoking increases the risk for people exposed to asbestos to lung cancer by a factor of 10

Unlike asbestosis, mesothelioma can (pleural mesothelioma) and lung cancer caused by small amounts of asbestos. For this reason, the limits are set deliberately low. These cancers arise in part to over-15s and sometimes after a very long latency periods.

The professional associations say why a further increase in asbestos-related lung and pleural cancer – diseases in the years to 2010 – ahead of 2020th Cancer caused by asbestos is also difficult to diagnose. Persons with occupational asbestos exposure should therefore specifically point out the doctor. The cost of treating work-related diseases contribute to the professional associations (BG). This requires that the suspicion of insurance will be displayed. This informs the BG, which can then verify the suspicion of experts. Recognition by the BG but says nothing about the expected amount of pension. If the damage to the lungs is not high enough, usually only a small pension or no pension is paid (such as having full lung function). 950 people have died in 2000 from asbestos-related diseases. 457 000 persons who had contact with asbestos will be conducted in the directories of BG’en. For the U.S., with annual mortality figures from 2000 for asbestosis, 4000-6000 calculated for asbestos-induced lung cancer and mesothelioma for 1200-2000.

The problem therefore has dimensions that are only now come to light in the whole extent. Asbestos is therefore now the leading cause of occupational mortality.